Medien-Flohmarkt „English Book Sale“

Dear friends,
the entire proceeds will as usual be channelled directly via our registered charity      HA-ILE e.V. to sponsor welfare projects in and around IIembula, Tanzania.             These include:

  • providing ongoing support for Aids orphans,
  • supporting dedicated health and hygiene seminars in schools to promote sexual health awareness,
  • providing financial support for needy young people to enable them to attend school or pursue vocational training,
  • improving living conditions by installing water tanks and gutters, building school toilets for girls, funding low-fuel and comparatively smoke-free clay ovens,
  • initiating and funding agricultural projects.

You will find more details about our support programme under

We would like to thank all of you who contributed so generously to this cause

  • by coming along to the sale and purchasing such large quantities of books and DVDs
  • by donating books and DVDs – thanks to Covid-19 we had a tremendous backlog of books to sell, a large part of which was sold at the Sale. However we didn’t have sufficient space to put out all our books, which means that we will be holding a further sale next March to clear our stocks before our 2022 autumn sale. This will free up space for us to accept and store new donations of books and DVDs.
  • by donating articles for the container which we have been sending directly to Ilembula twice a year; for further details please see

In particular we would like to express our special thanks to the kbo Isar-Amper Clinic in Haar for placing their beautiful hall at our disposal, and also to Café Jedermann next door for sustaining both the team and our customers with food and drink during the Sale.

Key dates for your 2022 diary:

Spring Sale
Friday 11th March and Saturday 12th March 2022

Autumn Sale
Friday 11th November and Saturday 12th November 2022

Both sales will again take place in the excellent facilities kindly made available to us by kbo Isar-Amper Clinic in Haar. We will send you further details about these sales nearer the time.

We hope that you enjoyed coming to the sale in our new surroundings and are having a pleasant time reading or viewing your purchases. As valued friends of the English Book Sale, your feedback is really important to us and we would be very glad to receive your comments or suggestions about how you think we could improve the sale

Your English Book Sale Team


View of the sales in October 2021 at kbo Isar-Amper Clinic in Haar

The Ilembula Project

The English Book Sale has been running since 2008 and the entire proceeds are used to provide practical assistance to families and orphans in Ilembula, Tanzania. The Ilembula project was established over 30 years ago, and has worked continuously since then to enhance the lives of the community of Ilembula, Tanzania through health, education and environmental initiatives. The proceeds of the English Book Sale help to fund these projects. The success of the Book Sale would not have been possible without all the generous donations of books and DVDs by the general public (on average 15,000 items are donated every year) and without the Sale’s dedicated team of currently 26 volunteers working tirelessly for hours sorting and pricing the thousands of donations.








Volunteers bringing order into chaos!

Proceeds from the English Book Sale have over the years:

  • Provided support for AIDS orphans and poor children in primary schools (school supplies and school uniforms)
  • Paid for the education of kindergarten teachers, nurses and solar technicians
  • Helped pay for the building of an AIDS education centre
  • Provided the means for the HIV-positive group to start a small business renting out chairs and tents for weddings, meetings and other events
  • Bought braille paper and bell-equipped footballs for blind students
  • Paid for the shipment of donated chairs, tables and material for the centre for orphaned and disabled children and teens, the kindergarten and the AIDS education centre
  • Paid for the building of adobe stoves to reduce deforestation through the more efficient use of firewood; these stoves also help to prevent the burn injuries commonly sustained from the open fires previously used, and as they incorporate chimneys they also help to avert smoke-related lung diseases
  • Funded supplies for the Munich team of Days for Girls ( to provide girls with feminine hygiene kits so that they can attend school all the year round
  • Funded a special health and hygiene campaign in schools in and around Ilembula to promote health awareness amongst the pre-teens and teens, in particular AIDS prevention.

Please browse this website to see photos of some of the projects to which the Book Sale has contributed.

Book and DVD Donations

The Book Sale is only possible thanks to the thousands of books and DVDs donated and purchased so generously by the general public over the years. Please contact us to obtain further information about donation procedure (see Contact Information below).

Non-Book Donations

The following items are also desperately needed by the community in Ilembula and can be brought along with book donations or given to volunteers at the Sale. They will then be added to the containers sent twice a year to Ilembula:

  • English medical, surgery, midwifery, nursing, anatomy or botany books
  • relatively up-to-date English encyclopedias 
  • laptops complete with power supply unit and not password-protected
  • smartphones/mobile phones not more than 6 years old complete with charger and not password-protected
  • musical instruments
  • shoes (clean, but no winter boots please!)

NB  please do not bring clothes as transportation costs to Africa are much too high to make it worthwhile and as we prefer to support the local textile industry.

Contact Information

To obtain further details about the English Book Sale and about donating, either

  • send an email to            
  • contact us via Facebook: Munich English Book Sale
  • or Twitter: @MunichEnglishBookSale








District Pastor Kuyava from Ilembula and Mr Kidodelo, the managing director of Emmaberg girls‘ boarding school, expressing their thanks for the Book Sale’s support.