Gruß von Dekan Mexon Mung’ong’o

Am 1. April bekam ich folgende Nachricht von Dekan Mung’ong’o per WhatsApp

Dear friends, thank you for your greetings. 

We are fine on our side. It is sad news to hear Covid-19 everyday. Corona changed life styles of all people. We have to obey health restrictions. All who believe in God they need to pray to their Almighty God to seek repentance and healing from this pandemic decease. Science that is approved by God will give us an answer to Covid-19. 

Sorry that you will not visit us this time. We still welcome you after this pandemic period. 

Further, flood caused many people to lose crops. Papaya farm has been also affected by flood especially District plot and IIHAS plot. Many papaya trees died for remaining in water for more than 48 hours January to February 2020.  March still had heavy rainy several weeks. Yesterday there was heavy rainy. We are told that there will still be heavy rainy in April and May. Tugimbage Group will meet tomorrow at papaya farm to see and decide how we will continue with the project. 

We will inform you tomorrow. Have a good evening.