Dear Friends of English Book Sale

Thanks to you

and your generous donations and purchases, we’ve now topped the 10,000 euro mark: our Annual Autumn Sale this year raised the amazing sum of   10,715 Euros
every penny of which will go to support our partner communities in Ilembula, Tanzania. The Sale raised over 2,000 Euros more than last year and the entire proceeds will as usual be channelled directly to sponsor projects to benefit the local community. These promote health, educational and environmental initiatives, such as providing ongoing support for Aids orphans, enabling needy young people to attend school or pursue vocational training, subsidizing microcredit schemes, improving living conditions by funding low-fuel clay ovens and biogas and solar installations, and also training people to install and use them. You will find more details and photos about our support programme in the attachment and under




District Pastor Kuyava from Ilembula and Mr. Kidodelo, the managing director of Emmaberg girls‘ boarding school, expressing their thanks for our support during their recent visit to Munich.


We would like to thank all of you who contributed so generously to this cause

  • by donating books and DVDs – the response was once again overwhelming, so much so that we will again be holding a clearance sale in spring to clear the decks for next year’s autumn sale
  • by coming along to the sale and purchasing books and DVDs
  • by donating much-needed articles for inclusion in the container which is sent directly to Ilembula twice a year. (For a full list of articles needed see www.