Book Sale October 2014 Results

Dear Book Sale Team,


BooksaleteamWe did it again – we topped last year’s result!!! This October we had a total of € 8,593.00 from selling books, DVDs and coffee and baked goods! Thanks to everyone for all the work you put in sorting, selling, setting up, cleaning up, as well as baking biscuits, muffins and cakes. Well done! There are more projects in Ilembula that we can support with these funds.

We had lots of positive feedback about how well the sale is organized and for the tasty treats at the café, but if you have comments from customers or suggestions of your own, PLEASE make note of them and email this to me as we would like to get together in November and discuss changes or improvements we can make.

Despite the success of our sale, our storage is full to bursting…we are planning to have another “clearance” sale in February with the Haar library, but before then we need to reduce our stocks. We are limited in how much we can store and how much we can put out to sell in both sale venues by space available.

Gerlinde is in Bad Tölz to be near Klaus during the beginning of his Reha (his doing much better) and also to recover from incredible amount of work she did to make the book sale happen – all the organization with the various groups within the church, the town hall, the Haarer Tisch and café workers, not to mention getting us free advertising for the sale in the newspapers!
A special thanks to Gerlinde for doing all this and to Gina and Ms. Chris for all the work they do to organize as well as get us on Facebook, email our customers, print out numerous signs, slips and lists that make the sale run as smoothly as it does.

I’ll be in touch regarding dates for our meeting, sorting dates and our annual Potluck get-together early next year. In the meantime, relax and recover and get ready for next year’s sales!

Thanks again and I look forward to seeing everyone soon!